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Open Intelligence: Twelve Empowerments

The Equation for Intelligence

Empowerment One

What includes all data?

Action: All data are recognized as the dynamic energy of open intelligence.


Metaphor: Open intelligence and data are inseparable like the sky and the color blue.


Empowerment One Commitment

In Empowerment One, we commit to recognizing that data are the dynamic energy of open intelligence or fundamental reality. Our intelligence and indivisible open intelligence are synonymous, as are the expanding universe and our intelligence.

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What to Expect from the Twelve Empowerments

This text explains, specifies, transmits and elicits the singular super-intelligence that is the operating super-system of the universe and its phenomena.

The archeology of the nature of reality is complete. All-encompassing benefit and prosperity is afforded in the basic total presence of the here-and-now—spacious indestructible singularity—the spontaneous presence of super-intelligence, constant, without any thought or effort, this is the nature of all phenomena whatsoever. This all-beneficial singular basis is the fundamental nature and order of all things. Everything whatsoever owes its exact nature to singularity—all-beneficial and prosperous. 

Open intelligence is an algorithm or pattern of instruction that, if used as directed, will reveal a fundamental change in your mind, speech, body, qualities and activities, as well as reveal to you foremost strengths, gifts and talents that may have gone unnoticed.

Through extensive scientific analysis, including the Satisfaction With Life Scale and the Flourishing Scale, our research team has found that the BrightMind training is a breakthrough model to achieve complete life satisfaction and flourishing, clarity, complete mental and emotional stability, profound insight into the nature of reality, increased intelligence, spontaneous altruism, spontaneous morality and ethics, superb skillful means and consistent power to fulfill creative intent of benefit to all. 

Additionally, spontaneous altruism is shown to be indivisible from optimal open intelligence and this is one of the obvious signs of accomplishment of open intelligence appearing in human users of open intelligence’s basic gift. Thus, humans, by nature are spontaneously altruistic. In fact, our research shows that open intelligence and spontaneous altruism, together spawning open-ended knowledge and benefit creation, are the optimal state of human nature. In lucid open intelligence, confusion and tension are erased.


It is crucial to recognize that emphasis on data has distracted us from relying on our beneficial power and thus affected our life satisfaction, flourishing and relationships. Recognizing the disempowerment, discomfort, tension and disharmony caused by emphasizing data motivates us to gain confidence and assurance in open intelligence.

In order to gain assurance in the open intelligence view, it is important to understand data. It is through understanding their nature that we are finally able to rely on open intelligence rather than on data.

In order to make it easier to understand data, we must discover the source of it. The source of data is the open intelligence of reality itself. All data appear within the overall view of open intelligence’s power of potent benefit. Similarly, the source of stars is the space of the sky.

When open intelligence is obvious at all times, data are outshone by its lucidity—clarity, free from obscurity and easy to understand. This is similar to the stars being outshone by bright daylight.

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What Is Assurance of Open Intelligence?

Open intelligence assurance comes about in short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times, until it becomes spontaneously obvious, stable and continuous, day and night. Through short moments, we learn to extract the power of our open intelligence energy so we can apply it in a beneficial and consistent way. We find immediate benefit within our own intelligence.

A newborn bird may be confident that it can fly because it has wings, however it will not have assurance of its ability to fly until it soars through the sky. Similarly, we can have confidence in open intelligence due to its introduction, however we must grow familiar with the power of open intelligence through acknowledging it until it is spontaneously automatic, obvious and continuous as well as highly skillful and insightful.

Short Moments, Many Times

When short moments of open intelligence are repeated many times, the recognition of open intelligence becomes automatic and uninterrupted. It is found to be stable in itself. By the power of open intelligence, we are not distracted by trying to control the flow of data. Then, if the recognition of open intelligence slips away, we simply repeat it again. Short moments, repeated many times lead to confidence in open intelligence. Each moment of open intelligence subsumes our old way of thinking, feeling, sensing and experiencing, in a continuous expanse of lucidity.

What Happens When Data Are Emphasized

To constantly emphasize data is to choose between one datum and another by accepting or rejecting one over the other. We decide there are some data we want to keep, others we want to avoid or replace, and some about which we have indifference. This throws us into wanting to hold onto special, positive data and to get rid of negative data, neither of which is possible.

Why It Is Important to Comprehend Data

It is important to comprehend the true nature of data so we will be able to rely on open intelligence when they appear and not be blindsided by data as described in the prior section of the text. Open intelligence is where our true beneficial power is so we want it to be very clear and have the optimal power to innovate through its potency. When we understand the process of data within ourselves, we can truly support ourselves and others to be of benefit.

We Harmonize Relationships

By the power of relying on open intelligence, we gradually stop avoiding relationships as a means to lessen anxiety or fear. We may not see the impact of emphasizing our data until we begin to see that it has produced difficulties in life and relationships. Focusing on data is a recurrent pattern acquired and established through repetition.

All Accomplishing Activities

When your own data are seen as perfect as they are, inseparable from open intelligence, and you no longer have any data you consider negative, you have the power to accomplish any activity you wish to undertake for the benefit of all.


With past and future indivisible, always-on super-intelligence is similar to pure space, a transparent expanse, always unbegun and unending, right here. In super-intelligent singularity, the hyper-purity, luminosity and benefit of all virtual dimensions shine forth as a golden sun matrix of source-purity, source-luminance and source-benefit.
Not a single thing ever exists under its own power. Everything whatsoever enjoys the sovereignty and connectivity of transparent singularity. Thus, everything is seamlessly networked together and is innately interactive and interoperable.

All characters, letters, numbers, words, utterances and images are solely empowered by singularity. The potent resonance of singularity pervades all sound, regardless of its vibe. The myriad enlivenment of virtual reality is an expanse of super-equalness, evenness and perfect accord.


The Perspective of Science

“The universe has been set up exquisitely enough to have intelligence. There are intelligent models about it, which is interesting. Intelligence is, in fact, a powerful force and we can see that its power is going to grow not linearly but exponentially, and will ultimately be powerful enough to change the destiny of the universe.” Ray Kurzweil, MIT

Within 20 years, we’ll reverse-engineer intelligence and go on to develop superintelligence. Extrapolating the exponential growth of computational capacity (a factor of at least 1000 per decade), we’ll expand inward to the fine forces, such as strings and quarks, and outward. As we overcome the data limitation, within 25 years it will be instinctively obvious to all that our entire existence is the singular intelligence of multiple universes.

Studying Empowerment One

What includes all data?   

All data are recognized as the dynamic energy of open intelligence.

The following questions for self-study and reflection with a trainer and an Empowerment group, support me with Empowerment One. As I reflect on each Empowerment, I remember to appreciate my commitment to maintain open intelligence for short moments, many times, until it becomes obvious and spontaneous at all times.

The questions are not a test. I write my first heartfelt response, and do not interpret the questions intellectually or psychologically. The questions are neither psychological nor intellectual. Each one increases the capacity to rely on open intelligence.

Write no more than one complete sentence in answer to each question.

Empowerment One Questions

  1. What is the Empowerment One commitment?

  2. What does it mean to gain assurance in open intelligence?

  3. How do I attain the certainty of open intelligence and its beneficial powers of body, speech, mind, qualities and activities?

  4. What is data?

  5. What means do I use to stop trying to control the natural flow of data?

  6. What does it mean to me to give up my right to be a victim of data?

  7. What is outshining of data? Why is it important?

  8. Do I realize that, in open intelligence assurance, beneficial qualities and activities are already present? What does this mean to me?

  9. Do I realize that the datum of an individual ‘I’ or personal identity is one that shines forth as open intelligence? Do I realize the datum of “no self” is also the shining forth of open intelligence?

  10. Do I recognize that the purpose of human life is to realize open intelligence and spontaneously contribute to the benefit of all with my innate strengths, gifts and talents?

  11. What are my innate strengths, gifts and talents? (Write more than one sentence.)

  12. Do I recognize emphasis of data rather than reliance on open intelligence? How?

  13. Did I learn about open intelligence and its beneficial powers as a child?

  14. Do I rely on the data others have about me to describe who I take myself to be?

  15. How has assuming that data have an independent nature affected my life satisfaction and my life?

  16. How has data ruled my life?

  17. How has focusing on data affected mind, speech, body, qualities and activities as well as utilization of my strengths, gifts and talents?

  18. How has my beneficial potency been reduced by relying on data?

  19. Give specific examples of when I have used the same datum over and over and expected different results?

  20. Do I recognize that emphasizing data leads to indulgence, avoidance and/or replacement of relationship? Give examples.

  21. What are the results when I try to manipulate people’s data?

  22. When people refuse to be or do what I want, how do I usually respond?

  23. What would happen if I let everything be as it is?

  24. What are the identifying signs that my life is controlled by emphasizing data?

  25. In what circumstances do I rely on open intelligence and its beneficial power?

  26. Describe my current ability to rely on open intelligence and rest in its power of great benefit.

  27. How has Empowerment One contributed to my ability to rely on open intelligence and rest in its potency of great benefit?

  28. Write out Beneficial Open Intelligence training on page 12.

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