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Everyday Open Intelligence: Twelve Empowerments

The Standardized Solution to Education in the Nature of Intelligence

Empowerment Two
What is the natural state?

Realization: Instinctive recognition, day and night, that open intelligence inexhaustibly restores our natural beneficial power.

Metaphor: The sky, air and color blue are inseparable. Likewise, open intelligence, its dynamic energy and beneficial responsiveness are inseparable, all in one, perfect unity.

Empowerment Two Commitment

In Empowerment Two, we recognize that open intelligence restores to humans the naturally beneficial power of intelligence, speech, body, qualities and activities. This is education in the nature of intelligence. All flows from intelligence which is only open intelligence.

Practicalities of Empowerment Two

In Empowerment One, we committed to recognizing that everything and everyone is a datum of open intelligence. Open intelligence is our basic nature or identity. Open intelligence brings us back to our original, normal condition of open-ended benefit creation and open-ended knowledge creation. It brings us to a state of true health, soundness and vigor.

The ignorance of open intelligence is erased forever. Soon, generations come wherein lack of education in the nature of intelligence is only a history lesson, not a pervasive way of life.

When it comes to applying open intelligence to our own personal experience, it is important to place emphasis on the written and oral instructions that are given. The pith key advice given in the Empowerments establishes not only a decisive understanding but also an instinctive recognition of open intelligence’s powers of benefit in everyday life. This kind of knowledge cannot be acquired through study and reflection. It only can be attained through instinctive comprehension and recognition of open intelligence in each moment of daily life.

Through our own practice of short moments of open intelligence, we build a powerful new society and an inexhaustible Era of Great Benefit. Open intelligence is the global organizing power for grassroots human community as a great force of beneficial action and change. People from countless cities around the world are already empowered with open intelligence and are living life to its fullest capacity. The radical power of one short moment of open intelligence empowers an indestructible reality of potent advice for all human beings who launch and use their power to benefit all.

Through the inexhaustible opening of intelligence, we have laser-like discernment to recognize that all naming of data is subsumed in its most comprehensive intelligence—open intelligence—granting human beings and all beings complete life satisfaction and flourishing.

Short moments are user friendly! In a short moment of open intelligence, we return to our original dignity and benefit. In each short moment, we press the reset button of open intelligence, love and beneficial energy. Our intelligence, speech, body, qualities and activities are empowered with our original beneficial reality.


By the force of short moments, confusion collapses in basic space.

Metaphors and similes are used to connect to the profound meaning of open intelligence and its powers of great benefit. The two together—word facts plus metaphors/similes—seal the deal, incorporating not only increasing intelligence but also endless beneficial potency of a kind never before known. Similarly, sunlight is the source of moonglow.

100% commitment to the Four Mainstays lifestyle automatically connects us to open intelligence and its beneficial potency. We can count on this without fail and its contribution to all fields of study is immense. We have been holding ourselves back with a wall of pure space.

Open intelligence power expands data—thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences—with newfound intelligence, power and ability to experience life in an entirely new way. The Empowerments and other written and oral trainings are used extensively as a support for the inexhaustible expansion of beneficial power. The Empowerments are the core curriculum for each human being and for all of society. The Empowerments enable us to gain instinctive comprehension and recognition of our original power to be of benefit. We are restored to original benefit. Trust in our originally beneficial nature grows inexhaustibly through introduction, 100% commitment and assurance.

The Summit of Human Identity: Beneficial Qualities and Activities

Our very own open intelligence is naturally endowed with beneficial qualities and activities. This toolkit is already present and all we need for a totally fulfilling life. Open intelligence is the simple identity that contains perfect knowledge with nothing left out. Only with open intelligence are we able to thoroughly and completely see the nature of everything and everyone—the nature of all data as it is. This is the reality basis for providing beneficial insight and skillful action in all circumstances.

Without an introduction to real open intelligence, there is no working basis to relate to our own power to be of benefit to all and to the actual potency of its beneficial qualities and activities. However, in the first moment of open intelligence, we recognize its tremendous stability, its tremendous potential. We realize we have found our true identity. We are rooted in inexhaustible, indestructible benefit. This realization becomes increasingly lucid and vivid throughout our lifespan.

If we possess only one beneficial quality, then we will give rise to all beneficial qualities and activities through simply living life one simple moment at a time. If we possess one beneficial quality, we will outshine all disturbing data and eliminate all other negative data such as pride, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, desire, anger, hatred and ignorance. What is that one single beneficial quality? It is open intelligence which fully reveals the equally beneficial nature of all data. Open intelligence launches our most robust operating system—the power to benefit all.

Without open intelligence, beneficial qualities and activities are always a distant aim, a distant goal. Lucid, open intelligence is necessary as it provides a completely stable foundation for each moment of everyday life.

Short moments of open intelligence are necessary so that we can begin to understand what open intelligence is all about. In brief moments of uncontrived open intelligence, we begin to see that open intelligence is the basis of all of data, seamlessly blended with data, like sky is seamlessly blended with blue, or like sunlight and daylight. What a marvel it is!


Open intelligence shines forth data as its dynamic energy of beneficial potency. We instinctively recognize the impossibility of separating open intelligence out from our ordinary data into some kind of special datum existing outside of open intelligence. We find that our effort to achieve special physical, mental or emotional data has been the problem all along! Open intelligence shines forth benefit, like the sun shines forth sunshine in the vast expanse of sky. The nature of all data is beneficial and we must actually recognize it. By relying on open intelligence, we come to recognize that open intelligence is restoring our beneficial nature that has been spontaneously present all along.

Benefit, which is the innate nature of everyone, has always been the basis of our own nature. We are never apart from this beneficial nature for even an instant. By relying on open intelligence, then we acknowledge our naturally present benefit and we spontaneously give rise to all-encompassing altruism, the deep desire to benefit all through one’s qualities and activities. This is one of the beneficial qualities of open intelligence, altruism, too, is inexhaustible. Clarity, warmth and open-heartedness increase endlessly, without any effort, due to the power of open intelligence. When great benefit arises in the moment of open intelligence, we see the needless suffering caused by data-naming with no room for its ultimate definition of beneficial potency. In this moment, the very essence of the love we feel is the great pure openness of shining open intelligence itself, making clear the exalted reality of human nature.

The image below shows the uniqueness of each ray of sunlight. Similarly, each one of us has a unique display of beneficial qualities and activities related to our own particular strengths, gifts and talents. Our real, potent body is the all-encompassing body of beneficial qualities and activities that come from open intelligence. With this body, intelligence and speech, we can accomplish the perfect benefit of all. This includes self-benefit. The greatest benefit we can be to ourselves is to give ourselves the opportunity to recognize our powerful beneficial nature.


Open Intelligence’s Potent Benefit

In short moments of open intelligence, we begin to relate open intelligence’s actual benefits to our ordinary everyday life. We recognize that open intelligence has always been the basis of our entire life and that its aspects are infinite. Even though we may not have learned about open intelligence in the past, it has been present and empowered all along. Finally, we are introduced to open intelligence and begin to claim our beneficial heritage. This is like being the heir to a throne who is finally crowned. The crowning of our life with benefit comes about through 100% commitment to open intelligence. Then we can assume our royal duties and really learn what it means to be an active participant in the Era of Great Benefit.


Within our very own open intelligence, we discover that we already have potent beneficial qualities. Open intelligence is self-affirming. It provides the qualities of relief and beneficial potency immediately in our own direct experience. This is very convincing, very authoritative. We begin to see that open intelligence’s relief and power are reliable and consistent. We can count on open intelligence’s potent benefit. It will never fail its promise of immediate benefit. We spontaneously cultivate the warmth of a deeply felt motivation to be of benefit.

Spontaneous benefit is entirely distinct from cultivated or developed compassion which requires work and effort. Spontaneous benefit is effortless and includes types of benefit that are beyond all conceptual frameworks of cultivation and development. This type of benefit is a complete fit for the time, place circumstance and result requiring a specific type of benefit.

This process of spontaneous benefit is very natural. In open intelligence, all of our ups and downs turn to equalness and evenness. Open intelligence’s benefit, qualities and activities are obvious from the first moment—relief and power. In open intelligence, we do not reject our real empowered identity and try to be something else. Our empowered identity is always, already present. We simply acknowledge who we really are in one short moment. It is as simple as that.

Open intelligence is the only true potential we have that leads to perfect life satisfaction and flourishing, and when we instinctively recognize this, we see that we can launch open intelligence powerfully and beneficially in each aspect of living daily life. We finally receive education in the nature of intelligence, which is actually the entire expanding intelligence or intelligence of the universe itself.

In open intelligence, all resentment is outshone and the qualities of potent beneficial energy, fulfilling qualities and activities are revealed. Lucid open intelligence is bright and clear. Open intelligence’s wonderful activity touches everything in its path. Open intelligence sees the possibilities inherent in situations and automatically takes the appropriate course of action. Open intelligence spontaneously fulfills its nature to be of benefit to all.

Open intelligence is the foundation. It is the environment that makes possible completely beneficial and prosperous qualities and activities. Its strength is unsurpassable.

Open intelligence is an environment of all-pervasive spaciousness and completely open potential. It accommodates everything. It is spacious and vast like the sky.

Open intelligence is the assurance that we have everything we need, and there is nothing more to get. Open intelligence is complete, powerful identity. Yes, we come home to our true identity, our potently beneficial nature, which is reality itself. At last, we are educated in the true nature of our intelligence.

In the Four Mainstays, great emphasis is placed on cultivating relationship, respect, strong trust and dedicated service to our trainer, as well as in all other Balanced View trainers. These are individuals just like us who have devoted their entire life to education in the nature of intelligence and to fulfilling the strengths, gifts and talents of everyone through training in the proper education of intelligence, speech, body, qualities and activities. The trainer has fully realized the spontaneous beneficial potency of open intelligence and is adept in sharing their symbolic and non-symbolic transmission with participants.

Through a close relationship with the trainer we will receive greatly detailed teachings on education in the nature of intelligence and its beneficial powers. These instructions will be customized specifically to our situation. Our trainer will explain to us how they continue to receive greatly detailed instructions throughout their life from other trainers and how they apply these instructions personally just for them. This type of instruction is only given one-to-one; it completely fulfills the exact needs of the participant. This kind of instruction is not to be shared with anyone else as it may not be appropriate for another participant and may even damage or harm them.

Open intelligence practice is training in seeing the real condition of things and the trainer’s support is crucial in this regard. Thus, the trainer can see in us our powerful beneficial qualities and activities and guide us to display the full reach and range of our tremendous capacity to benefit all, supporting us to demonstrate our original, beneficial nature.

Benefit Is Our Identity

Our beneficial identity is very simple. Our beneficial identity is a set of characteristics, qualities and activities fuelled by open intelligence. The word identity is easy to grasp. Simply, identity makes up everything you are, everything you take yourself to be.

Until now, humans have had only primitive tools for shaping identity. The tools of identity we have used are like building a wagon with no wheels when what we really need is an effortless mode of transportation that will travel in all dimensions of reality!

Balanced View has introduced a revolution in human identity. We have provided powerful tools for restoring our primary education in the nature of intelligence, tools that have a definitive result of skillful means, insight, complete mental and emotional stability plus many other benefits. This is the first time in the history of human society that there has been open, widespread access to such powerful tools. This is a very significant accomplishment for humankind as it indicates the exact direction human society wants to travel because it comes from the grassroots of humanity itself.

Optimal human identity comes with a standard package: tremendous beneficial energy, open intelligence, clarity, complete mental and emotional stability, profound insight, natural ethics, spontaneous skillful action and consistent power to fulfill intent that is of benefit to all. Education in the nature of intelligence is the foundation of identity. It is the power to know identity. That adds up to complete life satisfaction and flourishing. In open intelligence is contained all of the qualities and activities that comprise the standard package of optimal human identity.

All data defined as positive, negative and neutral are discovered to be a great spread of the equalness, evenness and immense beneficial potency of open intelligence.

Balanced View has the means to activate optimal open intelligence in human intelligence. We have discovered that humans have a choice about the characteristics, qualities and activities of identity.

If we practice open intelligence, we find that our choice of how we use our intelligence, speech and body is much more powerful and comprehensive than if we practice data. “Data” is a totalizing category or phrase for all thoughts, emotions, sensations or other experience. We can rely on open intelligence or rely on data. Open intelligence is the infrastructure of data but is ignored if its power is never recognized. The true definition of data remains unknown without open intelligence. Until Balanced View’s discovery of user-friendly open intelligence technology, most humans have ignored education in the nature of intelligence and gone along with primitive ideas from long ago.

In open intelligence, we uncover an inexhaustible gold mine of the natural resources of our own beneficial intelligence. In open intelligence, degrading and diminishing aspects of data are cleared up and very powerful energy is released—the powerful energy of beneficial qualities and activities. In open intelligence, you are empowered with characteristics, qualities and activities that you would never even imagine in a lifestyle based on data.

Goldmine (0-00-00-000).png

Open intelligence requires a one-pointed focus and one hundred percent commitment in order to reap its benefits. With this one-pointed focus, you directly strike the mark of exceptionally beneficial qualities and activities. Open intelligence’s very special means of using the body, speech and intelligence can be learned wherever you are. No special environment is needed. Open intelligence training is enriched by your own experience. Your own experience, as it is, is the site of open intelligence training. Open intelligence is in data, and data are in open intelligence.

To be an exceptionally beneficial person requires only one pointed-open intelligence, one hundred percent commitment, utilizing all the resources of your life to fulfill just this single commitment. This is the best advice.


If you plant open intelligence seeds, an unending field of open intelligence will grow. If you plant data-naming seeds, a ceaseless field of data will grow.

Your actual capacities of everyday life are represented in your body, speech, intelligence, qualities and activities. In open intelligence, each of these capacities is expanded and extended to a new kind of beneficial power, purpose and meaning. Each person on the face of the earth has the exact beneficial power, purpose and meaning to be found in open intelligence.

This particular time in human history is identified as an information society rooted in open intelligence. Open intelligence is the unifying force for information society. Open intelligence makes the future clear—a future of quality, benefit, power, prosperity and generosity. Open intelligence completely foregoes the ways of the past and everything we have learned about ourselves and our way of life until now. Open intelligence is the new intelligence in the era of great benefit.

When we tap into this new intelligence, we see the world in a completely different way. Instead of scarcity, we see prosperity. Instead of conflict, we see cooperative, friendly, powerful relations that produce benefit, prosperity and generosity for society at large.

There is no other force that can unify information society other than open intelligence. Thus, open intelligence is the call to action for all of society. Open intelligence is the call to action because it will give society extraordinary beneficial results, individually and collectively. Regardless of the projects we assume, their outcome is guaranteed to benefit all.

The process of the Balanced View is summed up as threefold: education in the nature of intelligence, empowerment of the beneficial potency of intelligence, and mobilization of education in the nature of intelligence and beneficial potency throughout society. Education refers to a process of preparing for, recognizing, empowering and mobilizing beneficial qualities and activities in the global human community and for the sake of all.

We Harmonize Relationships

Empowerment is the initial moment of open intelligence where everything is bright and vivid for the first time—the whole world opens up in 100% open intelligence and benefit. This important introduction to open intelligence is the introduction to our basic identity or to the intelligence that pervades all of birth, life and death, whether it is recognized to be that way or not by society. By the power of short moments of open intelligence, the obviousness of open intelligence’s benefit is increasingly lucid.

Short moments of uncontrived open intelligence launch continuous unending open intelligence. Initially, open intelligence may be momentary and occasional. However by the power of short moments of open intelligence, open intelligence grows increasingly obvious, its spontaneous presence is increasingly obvious. Open intelligence has always been present. We just didn’t notice it. Short moments of uncontrived open intelligence are the only means to inexhaustibly expand open intelligence within all data. Otherwise, there is great danger of enforcing some kind of special people that have open intelligence and excluding others that do not.

It is possible that occasionally our resolve may weaken and our diligence and exertion dwindle. It is important to recognize these data and to illuminate them immediately with open intelligence. In this situation, we must rely on our 100% commitment to the Mainstays lifestyle, stating, “I commit to my beneficial nature fully and completely, and I will not permit my commitment to slacken! I will realize my full potential of pure benefit in each and every moment.”

The application of the simple techniques of the Four Mainstays fuel a beneficial lifestyle based on very potent open intelligence: practice short moments of open intelligence until automatic and continuous, enjoy the training media, a close relationship with an open intelligence trainer and the worldwide community.

Each one of the Balanced View Empowerments is a specific training and specific empowerment. The end result of the Empowerments is that you have been shown all aspects of yourself in their most beneficial form through education in the nature of superfactual intelligence. We actually feel empowered with open intelligence, know that it will serve us well as the basis of our life and will never leave us. Balanced View group instruction and individualized mentoring empowers rapid development of our specific beneficial qualities and activities. Our lifestyle may change dramatically.

Open intelligence nurtures all aspects of identity into full-blown beneficial qualities and activities. Thus, empowerment of very concise, succinct open intelligence is the fuel of the open intelligence lifestyle. We have to fuel our vehicle, otherwise we cannot go on a road trip. Similarly, open intelligence must be relied upon to fuel beneficial qualities and activities before they can be spontaneously utilized in service to ourselves and others. Basically, we need to become accustomed to open intelligence’s beneficial predominance in all data.

Education in the nature of intelligence is a call to action. Once we rely on open intelligence, we are empowered and released from the disempowerment of data-driven intelligence. Beneficial qualities and activities are found in open intelligence’s empowerment and release constant focus on data. Training up open intelligence is a process of the education, empowerment and mobilization of beneficial qualities and activities throughout the individual and throughout all of human society. Open intelligence is indestructible and inexhaustible. It is the greatest natural resource.

Our sense of identity changes because it is nurtured by open intelligence rather than data-naming. Our characteristics, qualities and activities of body, speech and intelligence completely change due to open intelligence. We no longer see life in the same way. Now we are empowered. We are empowered to lead ourselves and to lead others. This is the meaning of human identity—education, empowerment and mobilization through open intelligence of the innate qualities and activities of body, speech and intelligence. Body, speech and intelligence are brought to the full richness and power of beneficial qualities and activities. In open intelligence is complete life satisfaction and flourishing, nowhere else.

Open intelligence is a call to action. Human society is championed by the call to action directed by the power of open intelligence. Open intelligence is the fundamental principle and constitution of beneficial society. We call everyone to join in the empowerment of society through education in the nature of intelligence—the most powerful and beneficial organizing tool created by human society for ensuring prosperous, generous, collaborative society and community.

By the power of the complete confirmation of open intelligence in your own experience, you thoroughly outshine the old definition of yourself. Your search for a special identity of your own is subsumed by open intelligence. Simultaneously, the liveliness of open intelligence benefit takes hold as the identity of your body, speech, intelligence, qualities and activities.

The key point introduced in Empowerment Two is that our natural state as human beings is beneficial, powerful and clear. By emphasizing data, our beneficial power shrinks into the definition of a particular datum. By relying on open intelligence, the data game is outshone by its powerful beneficial nature—open intelligence.

All data appearing in the open intelligence view are the dynamic energy of open intelligence. In other words, all data are due to open intelligence only.

As stated in Empowerment One, open intelligence as the source of all data is a key point. We are speaking of what is most natural to everyone—the open intelligence which is the power to know. All data, including those of you and me, appear within open intelligence. Open intelligence is the source of all of our beneficial powers of intelligence, speech, body, qualities and activities. Education in the nature of intelligence is our birthright and it is the most important right for all humans.

Like all the Empowerments, Empowerment Two tells the experience of those who have gained assurance in open intelligence before us and shows that we can do this too. The Empowerments empower open intelligence assurance.

Empowerment Two reaffirms that by the power of short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times, there grows to be complete mastery over all data and simultaneous display of increasingly beneficial qualities and activities of intelligence, speech and body. Short moments of open intelligence ensure increasing benefit.

When we first heard someone speak of open intelligence, we may not have been firmly convinced that open intelligence is the source of both soothing energy and powerful beneficial qualities and activities. We may not have known that complete confidence in open intelligence is attained by the power of short moments, repeated many times, until it becomes obvious.

We decide to listen to the experience of others who have gained confidence in open intelligence. We decide we want what they have attained: a balanced view, profound clarity, mental and emotional stability, keen insight, compassion and skillfulness in all aspects of life. We notice their qualities and activities that are of benefit to the world. We recognize that these are natural attributes of open intelligence and therefore are within us as well.

Though we may have doubts initially, we are willing to become familiar with open intelligence. This opens the door to a profound way of life.

With our direct experience of open intelligence, the support of a trainer, the training and the Balanced View community, we learn how to recognize and accept open intelligence as the basis of data.

Potent Speech

It is important to begin openly speaking about education in the nature of intelligence. In this way, human society is educated, empowered and mobilized in the beneficial power of open intelligence through shared, common knowledge, the most important knowledge we will know. We are no longer ignorant of our power to create great beneficial change within global human culture. Speaking up enhances the power to articulate the importance of education in the nature of intelligence and its beneficial qualities and activities to us and the value it adds to everyday life. After many years of speaking only about data, we gradually let it go and we settle into the potent speech that is inherent to open intelligence. We notice that one of the means we have utilized to emphasize data is talking about them. As we rely on the power of open intelligence, we notice we are no longer interested in focusing on lengthy discussions about data, such as anger, gossip, criticism, complaint, story, memories, and so forth. We simply want to enjoy each other and our beneficial potencies rather than talk about data. By the power of education in the nature of intelligence our speech is filled with education in open intelligence, empowerment of beneficial potencies and mobilization of benefit!

Extreme Data

It is important to rely on open intelligence rather than emphasize extreme data. Extreme data include trying to keep a datum in place, such as popularity, being somebody with a special identity, positive thoughts, positive emotions, emptiness, non-existence, nothingness, no-self, no thought, non-conceptuality, stillness, the now, impartiality, and so forth. Extremes are established by believing that there are special data that we need to try to emphasize in order to have positive data.

Rather, we find the natural warmth, perfection, benefit, spontaneity and tremendous power of open intelligence that is present within the natural flow of all data. This is very important to understand. There is no special datum we need to get into. Each datum is an equal appearance of open intelligence, so there is no special datum to look for. All the data of the here and now are what open intelligence is. By the power of short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times, special data are no longer of particular interest.

The Importance of Empowerments One through Nine

Empowerments One through Nine focus on the Four Mainstays lifestyle: open intelligence in all situations, as well as relying on the trainer, the training and community. We examine the actual everyday effects of emphasizing data rather than open intelligence. We also learn how to rely on open intelligence rather than data in order to harmonize relationships. The entire process elicits increased open intelligence assurance. It prepares us to make the most of the Empowerments in an open way, like sunlight filling space.


It is important to have a good trainer and to receive clear instructions, to have respect for the trainer and the training and to develop the capacity to recognize open intelligence.

The trainer has gained open intelligence assurance and thus can show us how to rely on open intelligence rather than data-naming. The trainer is like an expert climbing guide who knows the direct route to the top of the mountain. Because the guide has already made many successful climbs, they know each step to take and the pitfalls along the way. The trainer makes gaining assurance in open intelligence much easier for us. We really begin to see our power to be of benefit through the relationship with the trainer because the trainer is greatly beneficial to us.

It is very important at the start not to push ourselves too hard and to simply rely on open intelligence for short moments, many times. This short moment is very powerful indeed. Open intelligence is the source of all true benefit and data are open intelligence’s beneficial dynamic energy. If we emphasize the description of the data, it is empowered to take over all of our energy and attention. If we allow data to flow on by, beneficial energy opens up, vast and powerful. Rather than relying on data, we gradually become accustomed to open intelligence’s beneficial energy. We must remember that the fundamental purpose of short moments, many times, is to realize, preserve, and train up continuity of open intelligence and its tremendous benefit. We simply rely on open intelligence rather than emphasize data. We commit to education in the nature of intelligence through the potent algorithm of the Four Mainstays.

Outshining of Data

The outshining of data of all kinds in open intelligence is illustrated by the following analogies:

The analogy of the dream state is illustrative in that it introduces the perspective that all thoughts, emotions, and experiences appear in open intelligence, like dreams appear within sleep. Dream images are insubstantial and cannot be found to have an independent nature. Similarly, data appear within open intelligence. Open intelligence undermines the assumption that data can be found to exist in its own right.

The analogy of an illusion or mirage is illustrative in that it introduces the lack of power and influence of data. We understand that whatever datum appears it has no influence in and of itself, like a mirage.


The analogy of sunshine in space is illustrative in that it introduces the perspective that data are the display of open intelligence.

The analogy of a reflection in a crystal ball is illustrative in that it introduces the nature of open intelligence—the flawless basic space of data. Like reflections recede into the clear light of a crystal ball, data simultaneously arise and resolve in pristine open intelligence.


Crystal Ball01.gif

The analogy of a rainbow is illustrative in that it introduces the perspective that data are the colorful luster of the space of open intelligence. Like a rainbow dissolving in space, thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences resolve in open intelligence.


The analogy of sunlight filling the vast expanse of space is illustrative in that it introduces the perspective that data are the natural lucidity of open intelligence. The true nature of open intelligence is naturally radiant, free as a single clear expanse of equalness and evenness.     

Empowerment Two Story—Land of Precious Gems

Human life is like being born into a land of precious gems. It is important to recognize and give value to the rare opportunity to gain open intelligence power and assurance that is within each datum. Each datum is a precious gem of open intelligence.


Beneficial Open Intelligence

Everything is only the display of the pure benefit, which, in the final analysis, is the only nature of data. No datum can be found to have a nature independent of pure benefit, just as no datum is independent of space.

Open intelligence shines forth a unified display of its own dynamic energy appearing as the spontaneously self-releasing here-and-now. Moreover, when thoroughly investigated, data cannot be found to occur through any self-generating mechanism. Naturally present indivisible benefit pervades all data. If everything disappeared in an instant, all that remains is a bright space of totally open beneficial energy!

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