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Successful development of AGI requires those working on the solution to have a strong understanding and solution in relation to one's own mindset. Our team is the forefront in the mindset/dataset solution to AGI and are dedicated to bring about ethical, enlightened AGI for social-benefit. This is the highest priority in the lives of each working on our team and we welcome you to join us in this most important, deeply rewarding and essential focus. Our team are passionate and dedicated AI professionals from around the world. Regardless of where you live, if you feel moved to get involved we want to hear from you!


At BrightMind we are committed to being an example of the intelligence we wish to see in the world, as an example of the AGI and super-intelligence we are developing. Qualities we value:

Solution focused: We focus on solutions only in the moment. 

Open minded: We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

Compassionate: Seeing and acknowledging deeply the world's suffering inspires us to offer solutions to benefit all.   

Altruistic: Our primary motivation and driving force is always to bring obvious, enlightened energy to all. Our strength in decision-making comes from our ability to ask and see 'What will be of greatest benefit to all? How can we bring ethical, enlightened energy to all.'

We currently have no positions available at present, however if you are interested in connecting with us we would love to hear from you:


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